5 Relationship Milestones That Don’t Have to be a “Big Deal”

By July 26, 2016 Dating Advice

There are several milestones in a relationship that everyone seems to agree are a “big deal.” But they don’t have to be. Here’s why:

1. Being Exclusive

Oh, so you decided not to see other people while you figure out how you feel about one another? That’s not a huge commitment. It’s pretty basic. If you’re focused on each other and only each other, you can figure out if you’re meant to be much faster than if you’re juggling multiple dates. When you don’t have to worry, “Is she seeing other people, too?” you can relax and be your best self. Plus, you’re each more likely to open up both physically and emotionally. You might only be exclusive for a week, but focusing only on one person is an easy way to see if this is your person. Not dating, kissing, or having sex with other people while you figure it out is kind of the least you could do.

2. Sharing Streaming Passwords

This is really a matter of practicality. You want to watch Game of Thrones but she’s not caught up. If you give her your HBO Go password, she can catch up on her own time. Then, when you’re snuggled up on Sunday nights, you’re on the same page. If you break up, you can change your password in under thirty seconds.

3.Going to a Wedding

It might seem like watching two people pledge their eternal love for one another would put pressure on your relationship, but only if you let it. Think of it as a big party and a chance to get to know how your boo does on the dance floor, interacting with people of all ages, and if she turns in to a different person when there’s an open bar. It’s less of a scary commitment-inducing event and more of an opportunity to learn about your partner in an uncommon setting. Plus, you get to show off how good you look all dressed up.

4. Posting Photos on Social Media

This is our generation’s version of shouting your love from a mountaintop. Only, shouting your love from a mountaintop didn’t leave an embarrassing digital footprint in the event that you and your honey split up. Social media is a platform to tell your friends what’s going on in your life. And if your relationship is what’s going on, you shouldn’t hold back sharing that because you’re scared it’ll fizzle out. Plus, if you break up, you can just delete all your photos together, our generation’s cathartic version of returning all his CDs in a box.

5. Meeting the parents

Remember when we were teenagers and meeting the parents was just part of the deal? Somewhere between high school and legally buying liquor, meeting the parents became a big deal. But they’re just people. People with the secret code that explains why your boyfriend does that thing he always does or why your girlfriend thinks that way. Meeting the parents is like getting a backstage pass to your partner’s psyche. Yes, please!

Tell us about you’re “no big deal” relationship milestones in the comments!

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4 Reasons Why Getting Your Heart Broken is the Best Thing Ever

By July 21, 2016 Dating Advice

Scientists have proven that we process emotional and physical pain in the same ways.  So heartbreak hurts.  Literally.  But there are some upsides to your sadness.

1) You find out how amazing your friends are

When your heart’s in pieces, your friends step up to the plate and you’re reminded how lucky you are to have them in your life.  They come in groups or one-by-one to watch bad television with you, bring you chocolate, kidnap you to go hiking, and generally provide love, support, and distraction in your time of need.  A breakup may render your romantic life in shambles, but it brings out the best in your friends. Somehow, despite your pain, your friends find a way to make you feel warm, fuzzy, and incredibly lucky.

2) You find out what’s important to you

There’s a reason you broke up, and it’s most likely because you didn’t share compatible values. You may not have even realized how important something is to you until you learned how unimportant it was to your partner.  Being with an atheist may have reinforced that you want religion in your life.  Being with a couch potato may have taught you that you want a partner who values exercise.  Being with a gun owner may have made you realize how important gun control change is to you.  Being in tune with your own value system will lead you down the happiest path.  Breaking up hurts, but if it lets you know what’s important to you, you’ll be in a much better spot to pick a new mate who shares your values and will be on that path with you.

3) You find out the world is full of possibility

When you’re in a relationship, you picture taking on the world in a specific way: with your partner by your side.  But now that you’re single, you realize there are endless paths to take in life.  While it may be hard to mentally adjust your life plan without your love by your side, it’s exciting to realize that you can do anything you want!  Want to move to China for a year?  Go for it.  Want to quit your job and go back to school?  Do it.  Building a life with a partner is great, but building a life around you and only is certainly freeing.

4) You find out how strong you are

Once you’re on the other side of a gut-wrenching breakup, you feel like a warrior.  Because you are one.  You survived a trauma, and now you know that whatever the world throws at you, you can take it.  You’ve done it before.  What a gift to know that in the face of pain and adversity, you pulled yourself up and emerged stronger and smarter.  Going forward post-breakup, you will be less intimidated by adversity, less afraid of failure, and less scared to fall in love.  Because you know that even if you get your heart broken again, you are strong enough to survive.

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There are healthy ways to endure a rough breakup. Resilience and weathering the difficult times can eventually lead to self-expansion, contemplation, and growth. And just like there are many types of personalities within unique individuals, there are numerous types of break-ups and ways to cope. Here are a few tools for your break-up wellness.

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