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Summer Morales

Dating Advice

Post First Date: What’s the Next Move?

By On March 26, 2016

So the hard part is over: you’ve finally had your first date. But even though you’ve jumped the first hurdle, now is one of the most crucial times for your relationship. This… Read More

Dating Guides

Movie and TV Couples with the Most Enviable Relationships

By On March 7, 2016

We’re all familiar with those fictional couples who have the perfect relationship. While not all of these couples have the smoothest relationships, their chemistry is undeniable. Often their chemistry is so strong,… Read More

Online Dating

Top Online Dating Sites for iOS and Android

By On February 8, 2016

Thanks to smart phones, these days we expect everything with the swipe of our fingertips. So why not potential love interests? There are plenty of free dating apps to try out, but these 11… Read More

Dating Guides

Best Dating Scenes from Rom Coms

By On January 6, 2016

Romantic comedies are a guilty pleasure we all know and love. While they often are far from our reality, they can provide some great, unique dating inspiration. Here’s a list of our… Read More