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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

By On March 18, 2016

Long distance relationships (LDR) are hard! I’m not here to say they’re a walk in the park. There are certain realities you must face when you find yourself in a long distance… Read More

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Making The First Move: A Woman’s Guide

By On March 17, 2016

As women we’re often left beholden to archaic tropes that leave us pigeonholed in our dating decision-making: Men should ask us out; Men should make the first move; You wouldn’t want to… Read More

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What His First Date Location Says About Him

By On March 7, 2016

Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we think it’s fair to say you can judge a guy based on his choice of location for a first date. First impressions… Read More

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Movie and TV Couples with the Most Enviable Relationships

By On March 7, 2016

We’re all familiar with those fictional couples who have the perfect relationship. While not all of these couples have the smoothest relationships, their chemistry is undeniable. Often their chemistry is so strong,… Read More

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How to Choose the Right Wingman or Wingwoman

By On January 30, 2016

We all need a good wingman or wingwoman in our lives. Someone to make a look good, hypes us up, and get us ready to talk to that cute guy or gal… Read More

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Best Dating Scenes from Rom Coms

By On January 6, 2016

Romantic comedies are a guilty pleasure we all know and love. While they often are far from our reality, they can provide some great, unique dating inspiration. Here’s a list of our… Read More

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Gift Guide: What to Get Bae this Holiday Season

By On December 11, 2015

‘Tis the season of gifting and now that bae’s in your life, you have one more person to shop for. Now what the hell do you get them? Welcome to the Holi-Bae gift… Read More