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Post First Date: What’s the Next Move?

By On March 26, 2016

So the hard part is over: you’ve finally had your first date. But even though you’ve jumped the first hurdle, now is one of the most crucial times for your relationship. This… Read More

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4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Open Relationship

By On March 18, 2016

Every relationship is different and we all find unique ways to love our partner and live a rich life. And sometimes, that means partaking in an open relationship where the individuals are… Read More

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Making The First Move: A Woman’s Guide

By On March 17, 2016

As women we’re often left beholden to archaic tropes that leave us pigeonholed in our dating decision-making: Men should ask us out; Men should make the first move; You wouldn’t want to… Read More

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4 Ways To Actually Find a Relationship on Any of the 15 Dating Apps On Your Phone

By On March 8, 2016

Swipe left. Swipe right. If you’re beginning to go cross-eyed at all the options for dating apps—not to mention the bleak options for dates within the apps—maybe it’s time to get over… Read More

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How to Break the Friend Zone

By On February 15, 2016

“You’re such a great friend” are the dreaded words to emerge from the lips of the guy or girl you have a fat crush on. While it’s great you are obviously close… Read More

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How to Choose the Right Wingman or Wingwoman

By On January 30, 2016

We all need a good wingman or wingwoman in our lives. Someone to make a look good, hypes us up, and get us ready to talk to that cute guy or gal… Read More

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8 Tips to Dating an Introvert

By On January 19, 2016

Introverts aren’t the weird loners the world tends to think they are. Many crave companionship and social interactions the way extroverts do, but it’s all about the dosage and scale.… Read More

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Best Dating Scenes from Rom Coms

By On January 6, 2016

Romantic comedies are a guilty pleasure we all know and love. While they often are far from our reality, they can provide some great, unique dating inspiration. Here’s a list of our… Read More

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Dating Guide for Introverts in Five Easy Steps

By On December 16, 2015

Dating looks like an extrovert’s game. You imagine all those warm personalities having the perfect line at the perfect time and being masters of seduction. You see those people in the club… Read More

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When to DTR (Define the Relationship)

By On December 15, 2015

So you’ve been spending a lot of time with someone, and it’s gotten to the point where you aren’t sure whether or not you’re dating. Defining the relationship (DTR) can be tricky,… Read More